About Myself

Myself, Kishore Karuppaswamy ,Btech in ECE, working as an Instrument Engineer having specialization in field engineering of Instrumentation and control system, also having experience in Saudi Aramco Luberef. I did my primary education in Chinmaya Vidhyalaya pallavur, Higher Secondary education from GBHS Nemmara and got graduated from Government Engineering College Palakkad, Kerala.
My family comprises of my father (late)A.Karuppaswamy s/o Appu Mundiyan ; mother Santha Karuppaswamy and my sister Danisha Sankaranarayanan married to Sankaranarayanan Thathamangalam

I have got a great passion for photography and acquiring new knowledge in the field of religion, photography,science and books.My philosophy of life is

” Enjoy every moment of your life and be true to every body you meet in your life and help others and fight for what you think is right even if you are alone ”



kishore rv experience

Receiving Best Performance Award from Instrumentation Manager Mr. Suresh Kumar

best performance award

Ajantha Caves, Maharashtra

ajanta cabes maharatsraajanta caves maharatraajata caves mah


bahubali--shravanabelagola kr

Malampuzha Yakshi, Palakkad,Kerala

malampuzha yakshi palakkad

Golden temple Amritsar,Punjab


Gate way of India,Mumbai,Maharatsra


Vidhaan Soudha,Banglore,Karnataka


Taj ,Mumbai,Maharastra


Jallianwala Bagh, Punjab


Marine drive,Mumbai,Maharastra

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Retreat,Wagha border,Punjab


Wagha border,Punjab


War memmorial,Amritsar,Punjab



lal bagh banglore

Jama masjid,Junagarh,Gujrath

jama masjid ,junagarh,gujrath




Howrah bridge,Kolkatta,WB

howrah bridge .rabindra sethu

howrah bridge

Belur Matt,Kolkatta,West Bengal

beloor matt,kolkatta

Belur math,KolkattaBelur matt,Kolkatta

Boat jetty,Kolkatta,W.B.

Boat jetty Kolkattaboat jrtty kolkatta

Dakshineshwar Kaali Mandir,Kolkatta

Dakshineshwar Kali mandir,Kolkatta

Dakshineshwar Kali temple,Kolkatta


Howrah railway station,WB

Howrah railway station

Victoria Memmorial ,Kolkatta

Victoria memmorial calcutta

Victoria memmorial kolkatta

Victoria memmorial,kolkatta

Konark Sun Temple,Orissa

Konark sun temple

sun temple konark

Puri Railway Station, Orissa

Puri railway station

Puri Jagannath Mandir,Orissa

Puri jagannath mandir

Mahabath Maqbara,Junagarh,Gujrath

Mahabath Maqbara,Junagarh,Gujrathmahanathmaqbaramahabat maqbara

Palani temple with cousins,Tamil Nadu





kishore exp 2

Baby Kishore Karuppaswamy


Taken with Lumia Selfie

danisha& sankaranarayanan

Dani sanju



Friend Aneesh




bro sooraj& shaiju


Amal Anand(cousin) in Ujjain M.P.

amal anand

Aswin Anand(cousin)

aswin anand

Malayapathi temple,Palakkad

malayapathi temple,palakkad

Elephanta caves ,Mumbai,Maharastra

ele csves

elephanta caves

Haji ali dargah,Mumbai,Maharastra

haji ali daargah

Edited in Lumia Selfie



why beard

Bhavnath temple,girnar,junagarh,gujrath

bhavnath temple,gunagarh,gujrath

Girnar, Junagarh,Gujrath


junagarh ,gujrath

Uppercourt fort,Junagarh,Gujrath

upper court

uppercourt fort,junagarh,gujrath

Rajkot Railway station along with pantry chef

rajkot railway station along with pantry chef



ID/id upto 2017june


cairn india ltd



aihole karnataka

Badami Caves,Karnataka

badami caves,karnatakcaves of badami,karnataka

Agasthya Lake,Badami Karnataka

badami caves,karnataka

Barah Kaman , Bejapore,Karnataka

barah kaman,bejapore,karnatakabarah kaman,vijaypura,karnataka

Boothnath Temple ,Badami,Karnataka

bhoothnath temple baadami karnatakabhoothnath temple,badami,karnataka

Gol Gumbaz,Vijayapura,Karnataka

gol gumbaz,bejapur,karnatakagol gumbaz,vijayapura,karnataka

Ibrahim Rouza,Bejapore,Karnataka

Ibrahim rouza,bejapore,karnataka

Jama Masjid,Vijayapura,Karnataka

jama masjid,bejapore,karnataka

Mahakuta Caves,Badami,Karnataka

mahakuta caves,karanatakamahakuta,badami.karnataka



Uppali Burz,Bejapore,Karnataka

uppali burz,vijayapura,karnataka

Krishna’s butter ball ,Mahabalipuram,Tamilnadu

krishnas butter ball,kanceepuamkrishnas butterball,mahabalipuram

Light house, Mahabalipuram,Tamil nad

light house mahabalipuram

mahabalipuram beach,Tamilnadu

mahabalipuram beach

Arjunas penance,Mahabalipuram(Mammallapuram), Kanchipuram

mahabalipuram kanchhepuram


panch rathas mamallapurampanch rathas mahabalipurampanch rath mahabalipurampanch rata mammallapurammahabalipuram panch ratha

Seashore Temple, Mahabalipuram, TAMIL NADU

seashore temple mahabalipuram tnmahabalipuram seashore templeseashore temple mahabalipuram

Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil nadu

marina beachmarina beach chennai

Seashell and pearl museum, Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu

sea shell museum mahabalipurampearl museum mammalapuram

Malampuzha, Palakkad, Kerala

malampuzha palakkad keralamalampuzha dammalampuzha dam s

Ellora Caves Maharashtra

elora cave mahaellora caves maharatraellora cav

Kava, Palakkad, Kerala

kava palakkad kerala1kava palakkad kerala

Chinganchira, my family deity, Palakkad


From left Santha aunty,Anandan uncle,Suresh(uncle),Reetha(aunty)


Anandan uncle


All men in my family is bald headed except me


My uncle(Anandan-red circled) leading procession for save Sabarimala issue for B.J.P /R.S.S in Koduvayur







40 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. Pingback: kishorekaruppaswamy

  2. Im a relatively amateur Instrumentation Engineer and your blog is all i wanted. Great work Bro . Almighty bless you

  3. Kishore …..can you post a blog related to working principle of different instruments which are used in field.waiting for a post,and a very useful site indeed.

  4. Hi,
    I am an Instrumentation Engineer with 20 yrs in field, mainly on Systems. I am looking for some information on Pre-Sales activity in EPC (Instrumentation). Please share

  5. Can you please tell me which are the best courses for instrumentation and control after engineering????
    How much generally it cost???
    I mean course fee

    • there are many DCS,PLC,SCADA courses provided by corporate companies like Honeywell,Yokogawa,Rockwell,etc but course fees are comparitively very high.
      SAP cources are an added advantage for Instrumentation Engineers, my best suggestion for you is that go for free government courses in instrumentation and control by
      http://atihyderabad.ap.nic.in/ and other government aided course where you can study for cheap course fees

  6. Iam planning to do instrumentation engineering BE.Can you please tell me which are the best engineering colleges for instrumentation and control engineering??how much is the scope of this subject and job opportunities? And after completing BE is there any higher studies in Instrumentation in India???

  7. Hello sir,
    I am Naga Narayanan M K from Chennai seeking a job in the Instrumentation field,would be useful if you guide to abroad opportunities through your experience.Currently I have 3.3 years of experience in the oil and gas sector as Instrumentation engineer/supervisor.please guide me to get good abroad opportunities.waiting for your kind favourable reply ASAP.tc

  8. Hey dude you really have good collections and good job Vacancies..Actually i am having 10 Years Experience in Control & Instrumentation Engineering field, As well 7 Years Having Gulf Experience in same field, I am working in Yokogawa Middle East as Senior C&I Engineer, Right now i am trying for new Vacancy on Rotation or any Gulf Countries with some Good Package Could you help me on it if possible…Thanks & Best wishes for what are you doing.really its best.

  9. Hello sir,
    Hope you remember me.I have already spoken to you.I am having an experience of 3.3 yrs as Instrumentation Supervisor cadre.Please can you guide for some.offers if possible sir.please revert me back if possible sir.
    Take care.

    With regards,
    Naga Narayanan M K
    +91-9843186639(Contact+What’s app)
    Skype id: naga.narayanan
    Mail id: narayananci93@gmail.com

  10. Kishore
    Iam also from Kerala…accidentally jumped into your blog… Very good presentation of topics…but very hard to understand…plz make it simple

  11. Hai Kishore
    Iam working as Instrumentation and Control Eng in Oman.Please inform if there is vacancy on rotation basis
    Good blogging

  12. hi kishore……………nice and very informative. explanations are very simple to understand. You are doing a very great job .You are awesome .May god bless you for all your efforts . i need your book to purchase.how i can get it ?

    • thanks for your comment najeeb…. now iam having only pdf and kindle version not any hardcopy. Iam going to contact a local publisher and will get a printed version soon which can be purchased for price between 1000-2000 INR . I will inform you when it is finished Iam still working on it to make it outstanding … a little more time needed . Amazon is making it a more expensive by charging nearly 10000 INR Iam helpless about that

  13. Dear Kishore,

    Thank you for your reply. I’ve found your wordpress blog very interesting. Since you’ve been working extensively, Lemme ask you. What ONE or TWO books would you recommend, that would cover all practical aspects of the job scope?

    Are you on IMO or WhatsAPP? You can add me on these if you like. My phone no is +1-587-501-6401

    Khalid Memon

  14. Dear sir.
    I have a question about remote seals level transmitter .normally all dp level transmitters Lrv in negative but in my evaporation plant dual remote seals level transmitter Lrv start from zero and URV in positive like ( 3000 mmh2o) .
    And this is closed tank. What is the reason behind that. Give a technical reason.

    • Thanks for commenting…first of all I need a detail descrpition of the type of LT being used its make and model number…because for rosemount ers type the lrv will come as 0 and urv as the tank height *sp gravity…so model number is essential…also i need the specific gravity of the liquid/gas inside vessel…and whether it is impulse type or capillary or ers type etc…whether lp is connected or vented to atmosphere or not
      please provide details…the most important parameter for a dp lt is the specific gravity of the liquid / gas inside the vessel and inside the impulse tube or capillary tube

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